Friday, October 17, 2014

Oct 15

Ekphrastic poems October 15th -

We wrote poems today and it wasn't that bad. We had to look at an image for a few minutes, analyze it and then create a poem about it. It didn't have to rhyme, but I tried...

Mine poem is a bit unusual but I wanted to have fun with the assignment.

- I'm well prepared for her death
- Glove, duct-tape and knife... All are set
- I slipped one into her drink, a sleeping pill
- No matter what I do, she's sleeping still
- She's hanged to the ceiling by her hand
- Admire her beauty as I stand
- Duct-tape on her mouth, in case she wake up
- 'cause it'll be painful, when I slit her up
- As my sharp knife pierces flesh
- Her blood flows out, warm ad fresh
- The iron smell now fills the room
- Indicating it's now her doom
- Her blood stains my coat like flower blossom
- It looks really good, really awesome

- She's my precious, beloved wife
- She's my everything, my whole life
- I just killed my wife, she just died
- She's dead now, but she'll be by my side

- I had gone outside for some fresh air
- I stood on the bridge and scream, but no one cares
- I had now realize what I just did
- I've killed my wife, yes I really did
- Despair, sorrow and regret, I feel, all at once
- Because I just lost my beloved one
- Out of despair, once a again, I scream
- People still walking, not caring, it seems
- The water under the bridge, like her blood, still flowing
- The sky over my head, nonstop, spinning

No, I am not really scary like this. ;)


Friday, October 10, 2014

Blake 10\10\14

Here are some of the notes that I took from watching the CNN news
1. New York has an average of 30 stock exchanges.
2. Global economic growth could be slowing down.
3. The FED makes the money go round.
4. The FED has 12 bank centers.
5. The FED monitors the money of the world and make sure the economy is stable.
6 Interest rates is the FEDS "secret weapon."
7.The people of Hong Kong arestill protesting because they want more freedom.
8. Enterovirus simptoms only include cough and runny nose.
9.10-15 million cases every year of Enterovirus.
10. A cafe mixed with a adoption place for cats.

We do this to 1. learn about the world and 2. practice ability to take notes, paraphrase and think quickly.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Bout to watch that CNN news boiiiiiiiiii! Facts:
1. Leader of secret service quit due to incident that breached secret service security.
2. South and north Koreaare still agitated with each other.
3. May be about 20 secret tunnels to go under militarized border of South karea.
4. North Korea said the tunnels are for minning purposes only.
5. Over 1.6 million Muslims world wide. over 22% of world population.
6. In africa and Asia, some people dont have access to clean water.
7. New filters keep water clean.
8. Man was fearless walking through a haunted house.
9. He said he wasnt scared because he had things to do.
10. Water is now healthy all over the word.

TURN UP! Watching a video interview that she did in Texas.

1. i come from a strong family. i dont like how my ancestors come from owning slaves
2. Black people have black history month, family reunions, fellowship,etc.
3. When people start throwing slangs at other races.
4. no, because slavery of blacks has come to an end.

CNN News

Cube shaped building