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Christian Leon Torres March 25 2015

Christian Leon Torres March 25 2015

The pardoners tale

Vocab Development

1.Avarice- too great a desire for wealth.
2.Abominable- disgusting; hateful.
3.Superfluity- excess.
4.Grisly- terrifying.
5.Adversary- enemy.
6. Pallor- paleness.
7. prudent- careful; cautious.
8.credentials- evidence of a person position.
9.Absolve- forgive; make free from blame.

Reading check

1. The pardoner describes himself as greedy
2.The three young rioters are looking for death so that they can kill death so that death cant kill their friends anymore.
3.the old man tells them to go to under the tree for death. the three rioters treated the old man very poorly.
4 the two rioters that stayed to watch the gold planed to kill the third by stabbing him. The third rioter put poison into cups of wine to poison the other two. all three end up dieing.
5.THEY MADE IT SEEM LIKE DEATH WALKED FROM TOWN TO TOWN KILLING PEOPLE. (sorry cap lock). Death is personified by walking around and killing. The rioters don't fear death.
6. The old man symbolizes Death.
7.The central irony is that the rioters went looking for Death and they found death.
8. The irony is that the pardoner is a cheater and a greedy person and that is part of the story. Because the pardoner cheats so naturally that his story is about cheating. thats the irony (i think).
9.Chaucer is satirizing the aspect that money brings out the worst in people.
10.the moral of the Pardoner story is "Cheat with rules." The moral of Chaucer's story is that "Cheaters never win."
11. yes in all professions they are people who cheat and try to get over the system. greed and desire is not the root of all evil. in the pardoner's story maybe but in real life their is no singular root of evil there is just evil.

The wife of Bath's Tale

Vocab Development

1. reprove- disapprove
2. extort- get by threats or violence
3. Disperses- breaks up
4. Contemptuous- scornful
5. Bequest- gift left by means of a will
6. Prowess- outstanding ability
7. Temporal- limited to this world;not spiritual
8. Capacity- ability to absorb
9. Pestilence- plague

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Songs relating to characters

You can tell that everyone listens to different genres of music from the songs that were picked out . Each song relates to certain characters or events that went on in the story. We had to explain why the song relates to the person . It can go from love, decision making , anger , or family . You can use multiple songs for the same person or different songs . The entire song doesn't necessarily have to refer to the person it can be just a verse. Each and every song can seriously fit a person perfectly . We are really relating today's songs to a story that was created along time ago.For example , Danny Nickerson used J.Cole because he talks about real life situations in his song. Another example would be how Karroyln used as she would say all of them . Just to list a few she said old school , rap , and the blues .  Also with Huy he is deciding to use Asian songs to relate to the characters . 

What've been doing in class...

In class we've been discussing Hamlet . In case you don't know what Hamlet is about I'll summarize it for you. Hamlet is the son of a king that was murdered. Hamlet later finds out from a ghost which is his father that his uncle murdered his dad . His mother ends up marrying his uncle that he doesn't like . Also hamlet decides to seek revenge on his uncle Claudius , he also put on a play that basically is a reenactment of what his uncle did to his farther. After he falls in love with a girl named Ophelia but he ended up killing her father and she died because she drowned . In the end everyone that was in the play died .  

So Ms. Burton wants us to find 10 songs that relate to the characters in Hamlet .