Thursday, November 20, 2014

Creating Frankenstein Graphic Essays

Here are some of the essay posters that we completed in 4th period. I liked doing this better than just writing as essay so those of you who missed the assignment, you won't mind making this one up.  You need to find at least 10 images/words from the paper that "speak to the theme and plot events" of Frankenstein. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014



There was a wedding picture of when Frankenstein and Elizabeth got married.
The body sculpture is when Frankenstein wanted to create live.
the fire is when Elizabeth killed herself because she found out she was made and killed and started a fire.
there was a wife and monster wanted a love and affection,
the journal was when Frankenstein wrote to describe monster when he was making him. 
no good deed is when he meant to make something good but it turned out bad.

terrence frankstein poster essay

today in my english 2 class we made poster of the frankstein movie . I used 10 pictures and im here explaining why I choose these pictures...
1. " energy boom " I used that because he need energy too make the monster and then it went BOOM.
2. I used a doctor because frankstein was a doctor. 
3. I used the creatation picture because when they created the monster.
4. the wedding picture was used for when he got married. 
5. the place is used for where he made frankstein .
6. the woman is there too represent his dead mom , thereason for creating life itself. 
7. the manacan or doll , represents frankstein him self , he was a monster you know!!!!
8. the family represented what frankstein wanted and why he was mad throughout the movie.
9 " test " represent he had too run test on the monster first before letting him out.
10. lightswitch is representing the fact that he needed energy to make the monster .


I find that the pictures I chose show a story about Frankenstien. This shows that the invasion of technology was brought into modern life. Frankenstien invaded science technology and created something terrible. He created not just a flying plane, or light, he made life. The life he made wasa monster. A monster who wasn't all that bad. He, The Monster, wanted to love someone and be loved  back. He wanted a family, a wife and kids. The Monster was made by Frankenstein, from used body parts of other dead humans. He as hiding yet seeking to find Frankenstien and get revenge on the fact that he made him the way he is, and made him alone. He made him alone and well as Frankenstien left him alone. Frankenstein's intentions were not to hurt anyone, he wanted to stop people grieving upon others, like the way he felt when his mother died. He felt as if he was a hero. If only people would have gave the monster a chance to explain himself, they wouldn't have found him as scary as he did.

Frankenstein by blake 11/19/14

In my "project", ichoose most ofmy picture because i beileve my pictures created the voice of the movie all/over again. My pictures modified key events from the movie. The events include frankensteins journal, the killings of the monster, the personality of the monster, thelong process of creating the monster, invention of life, the search for the monster, and the apperence of the monster. I beileve my project recreated the important events from the movie.  

Friday, November 14, 2014

Frankenstein questions and essay

1. Write a paragraph discussing what Victor learns throughout the course of the novel. How do his goals and plans change as the novel progresses?

2. Analyze a character other than Victor Frankenstein or the creature. What is his/her role in the story? Is he/she necessary to the novel? Why or why not?

3. In your opinion, discuss how Victor Frankenstein could have helped the creature acclimate to and be accepted by society. What would you have done differently?

4. Write a paragraph explaining how the creature of Frankenstein forms the archetypal horror character.

5. Evaluate Victor’s actions from an ethical point of view. How does Victor act or shy away from acting ethically?

6. Compare the creature’s development and actions to those of a child. Does viewing the creature as a child alter one’s view of him? Why or why not?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ballad of Birmingham

On a separate sheet of paper, briefly compare and contrast how the real life story in “Ballad of Birmingham” affects the reader as a poem and how a newspaper account of the same events would affect the reader. Include one example of rhythm or rhyme from the poem and one example related to the characteristics of literary ballads to support your response.