Friday, October 17, 2014

Oct 15

Ekphrastic poems October 15th -

We wrote poems today and it wasn't that bad. We had to look at an image for a few minutes, analyze it and then create a poem about it. It didn't have to rhyme, but I tried...

Mine poem is a bit unusual but I wanted to have fun with the assignment.

- I'm well prepared for her death
- Glove, duct-tape and knife... All are set
- I slipped one into her drink, a sleeping pill
- No matter what I do, she's sleeping still
- She's hanged to the ceiling by her hand
- Admire her beauty as I stand
- Duct-tape on her mouth, in case she wake up
- 'cause it'll be painful, when I slit her up
- As my sharp knife pierces flesh
- Her blood flows out, warm ad fresh
- The iron smell now fills the room
- Indicating it's now her doom
- Her blood stains my coat like flower blossom
- It looks really good, really awesome

- She's my precious, beloved wife
- She's my everything, my whole life
- I just killed my wife, she just died
- She's dead now, but she'll be by my side

- I had gone outside for some fresh air
- I stood on the bridge and scream, but no one cares
- I had now realize what I just did
- I've killed my wife, yes I really did
- Despair, sorrow and regret, I feel, all at once
- Because I just lost my beloved one
- Out of despair, once a again, I scream
- People still walking, not caring, it seems
- The water under the bridge, like her blood, still flowing
- The sky over my head, nonstop, spinning

No, I am not really scary like this. ;)


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