Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Songs relating to characters

You can tell that everyone listens to different genres of music from the songs that were picked out . Each song relates to certain characters or events that went on in the story. We had to explain why the song relates to the person . It can go from love, decision making , anger , or family . You can use multiple songs for the same person or different songs . The entire song doesn't necessarily have to refer to the person it can be just a verse. Each and every song can seriously fit a person perfectly . We are really relating today's songs to a story that was created along time ago.For example , Danny Nickerson used J.Cole because he talks about real life situations in his song. Another example would be how Karroyln used as she would say all of them . Just to list a few she said old school , rap , and the blues .  Also with Huy he is deciding to use Asian songs to relate to the characters . 

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