Friday, August 21, 2015

Our 4 x 4s for 2081

Police breaks in house.
Harrison fought for life.
His father tried remembering.
Harrison broke free..........death.
by Khalil 1st pd

Everyone was unfairly equal.
Harrison's dad couldn't remember.
Harrison wanted talent's freedom.
Harrison decided to revolt.
by Emosha 1st pd

Everyone was treated equally
The strong were handicapped
Their strengths were wrong
Handicapped to be average
by Khadijah 2nd pd

Is being strong wrong?
Is equality really equal?
Live Free or Die!
Revolt to be heard!
by Jarenee 2nd pd

Being smart isn't safe.
Being average is better.
Death to the Anarchist.
They are finally equal.
by Aileen 2nd pd

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