Friday, October 2, 2015

Songs of an Empty House

from Songs of an Empty House
By Marguerite Wilkinson

My father got me strong and straight and slim,
 And I give thanks to him;
My mother bore me glad and sound and sweet, --
 I kiss her feet.

I have no son, whose life of flesh and fire
 Sprang from my splendid sire,
No daughter for whose soul my mother's flesh
 Wrought raiment1 fresh.

Life's venerable2 rhythms like a flood
 Beat in my brain and blood,
Crying from all the generations past,
 "Is this the last?"

And I make answer to my haughty3 dead,
 Who made me, heart and head,
"Even the sunbeams falter, flicker and bend --
 I am the end."

1. raiment: clothing or material
2. venerable: commanding respect because of age, character, or position.3. haughty: expressing an attitude of superiority.
 Title of poem:
What is this poem about?

What is the speaker's tone? Explain your answer using textual evidence.

1 comment:

  1. 1.The poem is about her not having any kids.

    2. The speakers tone is dull because she seems sad that she cant continue the bloodline.