Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I find that the pictures I chose show a story about Frankenstien. This shows that the invasion of technology was brought into modern life. Frankenstien invaded science technology and created something terrible. He created not just a flying plane, or light, he made life. The life he made wasa monster. A monster who wasn't all that bad. He, The Monster, wanted to love someone and be loved  back. He wanted a family, a wife and kids. The Monster was made by Frankenstein, from used body parts of other dead humans. He as hiding yet seeking to find Frankenstien and get revenge on the fact that he made him the way he is, and made him alone. He made him alone and well as Frankenstien left him alone. Frankenstein's intentions were not to hurt anyone, he wanted to stop people grieving upon others, like the way he felt when his mother died. He felt as if he was a hero. If only people would have gave the monster a chance to explain himself, they wouldn't have found him as scary as he did.

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