Wednesday, November 19, 2014

terrence frankstein poster essay

today in my english 2 class we made poster of the frankstein movie . I used 10 pictures and im here explaining why I choose these pictures...
1. " energy boom " I used that because he need energy too make the monster and then it went BOOM.
2. I used a doctor because frankstein was a doctor. 
3. I used the creatation picture because when they created the monster.
4. the wedding picture was used for when he got married. 
5. the place is used for where he made frankstein .
6. the woman is there too represent his dead mom , thereason for creating life itself. 
7. the manacan or doll , represents frankstein him self , he was a monster you know!!!!
8. the family represented what frankstein wanted and why he was mad throughout the movie.
9 " test " represent he had too run test on the monster first before letting him out.
10. lightswitch is representing the fact that he needed energy to make the monster .

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