Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9/17 Miss Burton 2nd period

                            We are discussing images that connect to our text
                                                       Joy Luck Club
-Joy Luck Club - Summarize
  +Joy Luck Club is about 8 women that belong to a club that is create by four Chinese women who come together once in awhile  play Mahjong with one another. The name is based one the luck that is required for the Mahjong games that they play together, and the joy that they have playing with each other to forget their pain and sufferingi in life. 8 women, 4 mothers, and 4 daughters, all have struggles in their life, each told us the story of their life, the struggles they went through.

Image 1: 
    This image represent a person's identification, who a person is. Each finger print is different, indicate that each person have a different path in life, different ways of thinking, different point of views on a same subject.
Image 2:
    This image show that the daughters are Americans, they are no longer Chinese, they are different from their mothers who were from China. They are different from their mothers so they have different way of thinking.
Image 3:
    This image is a 2 women head stuck together, one is old and one is young. This represent the daughter's and the mother's similarities, even though they are different, in a way they are similar, they are close to each other, and they are related to each other. This picture says that they are one, but they  have different paths
Image 4:
    This image represent the couple that the man and his wife who divide their expenses, based on who uses what. The ice cream is only eaten by the husband but his wife paid for it, and the husband doesn' t even know that she doesn't eat it because she can't.

Best Visual Before:
    -I picked picture 1, the finger print because there's no 2 finger prints that look exactly alike, each person have a way of thinking that is not like others', even though they are mothers and daughters. This picture related to the text's detail which is the daughter disagreeing with their mothers because the mothers make they do things that the mothers think are best for them.

Best Visual After:
   - I am still picking picture 1, because it best represent the movie.

----Huy ----

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