Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fishbowl Feedback

Ms. Burton handing out supplies, "those of you that have parents that do not love you and don't have supplies raise your hand so I can give you some."

The Scholarly Leaders will not speak up. Hurry the up dude. 
Sabrina just got a text message.

She killed her kid too, such a great mom.
We are doing a Fishbowl Discussion after looking at 4 pictures.

Alexis is going first. Woo.
Your identification can't be changed and who you are can't be changed, they need the fingerprint to get in and out of china and it distinguishes who you are. That's what Alexis said, anyone for a refute?
Here goes Nathaniel. He says that everyone is unique and basically everything about them is unique- stuff keeps falling and someone just said paranormal traytivity- lol- 
Huy the asian is refuting on the asian movie, everyone has different fingerprints and that means that they all think differently. Good Job Huy. 
Oh Sweet Baby Jesus. Sabrina said that the mother and daughter are the same people, disagreeing with what Huy said about the mother and daughter being different because of the fingerprints.
Here goes Raynika. I wish people would just SLOW DOWN FOR A SECOND
Raynika agrees with Sabrina and disagrees with Huy because the DNA is passed down, blah.
Then Kiana said something about fingerprints looking the same because they are about the same shape.
Jesus Christ, my fingers hurt.
Nathaniel is going again. Saying something about expressing the pride and pride is an American thing.
Then MS. Burton decides to say something but I didn't catch it.
Then Taylier speaks, forget it. Forget you Taylier because everything is going too fast.
Shiloh would want to jump in right now and all I caught from what he said was CHINA and MAINLAND then Savannah says MAINLAND all sarcastically then Shiloh says yeah mainland and now they are discussing something about problems. I don't know, I guess I zoned out for a second there
odina makes sense, saying that coming to America gave them better lives
savannah says that their problems will follow them no matter where they go but that the moms sent them to America to give them better lives.

Ms. Burton says that the fingerprints symbolizes individuality and that the mother and daughters are different because they are different people but they are connected to your mom because you came out of her ... womb. Lets go with that, its more appropriate.
Ms. Burton recognizes Nathaniel when he says that the girl said shes an American
Then shiloh for whatever shiloh said then it sounds like what Savannah said so I'm going to go with that.

Break time. Thank you God, you must be listening to my Prayers. Now we are switching to Savannah and Raynikas side. This is gonna take all day. Love y'all though.
Ivory is awake and Ms Burton and Ivory are going back and forth about Ivorys nap
Ms. Burton be quiet. that is what you are supposed to be doing right now. Thanks

Donquel says that the mother and daughter photo shows that they have differences and they are different but at the same time they kind of are the same person and have the same types of problems
Raynika agrees with Donquel with the similar problems thing but says that the young one in the picture is fresh looking and the other one basically looks like a monkey with all those wrinkles on her face 
Krystyn agrees Raynika and I heard her say that its the monkey ladies time to sit back and watch-
Be quiet Ms.Burton- the daughter make her own mistakes
Raynika agrees with Krystyn 
No surprise there
see I said we would be here all day 
I wonder when Savannah will Jump in.

Quiet please
trying to make love equal by splitting ice cream? what ? No. he's greedy. just saying. when he splits the ice cream he probably gives himself more, like I do.

Jacob said something.
now were talking about taking a POO. and someone better stop making MS.Burton mad because she HAS TO BE QUIET PLEASE

Whoa, that ice cream picture is very complicated
god dog diggity dog the bell is about to ring. woo.

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