Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Taylor"s Boring Experience Of Wordy Wednesday..!

7:56am- Good morning everyone! Today is another day for Taylor to be Scribing around the class! Let us see what I have in mind for this fine morning..

7:57am- For the first time, we are starting off with "Wordy Wednesday" vocabularies.
Definitions we are doing for WW day. (Look Below) 
Aeshetic- apart, Indifferent
Aloof- deatched, incurious, unconcerned
Archaic- antiquated, old, out of use
Assurge- allay, alleviate, lighten, soothe
Belied- contradict, challenge
Contentious- belligerent, quarrelsome
Daunted- frightened, overcome
Debilitated- to weaken, to enfeeble
Discord- dissension, arguments, disagreements
Disseminated- distribution, broadcasting

8:10am- It is 8:10am and not at least one interesting thing is happening......we are too into dumb Wordy Wednesday activites..

8:15am- Ms. Burton continues to talk about the boring Wordy Wednesday Vocabulary..

8:21am- Ms. Burton passes out a paper containing the boring Wordy Wednesday vocabularies..

8:26am- Ms. Burton does "Jazz Hands" because it is Boring Wednesday. Aaaaaahhhhhh! This boring day is killing me! Heeeelllpppp!

8:31am- The class is so quiet..the class have never been this quiet before..this Wordy Wednesday is taking over our fun away! Why did you have to make Wordy Wednesday Ms. Burton..wwwwhhhyyyy???!!!

8:35am- At least like 30% of fun was going on at this time, it is partly quiet, but still library quiet in here..they are talking about things..not really listening..

8:47am- I found out I could use BOLD and INCURSIVE fonts! I will be using those the next time I am Scribe! :)

9:00am- Bye everyone, today was a boring, boring day. Wordy Wednesday, the most boring day of the week - is over..for now. Let us hope Thinking Thursday is better than Boring Wednesday..

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