Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fishbowl Feedback

Alexis speak upon image number 1: she says that she believe that your identification can't be changed no matter where you are and that the fingerprint represents how the mother got out of china.

Nathaniel believes that a finger represents someone's story. Each fingerprint is different and no one is the same and that also reflects on the story of each persons life

Huy believes that the fingerprints represents how different the mothers and the daughters and how their views are different

I shared that I disagreed with Huy because throughout the film you come to find the each daughter in some way or another are just like their mother.

Kiana shared that fingerprints in all reality don't look that different because they are all round.

Nathaniel says that image two represents the pride one has in their county.

Shiloh says the flag represents the new life each mother expected when coming to the new land. But in all reality they still had problems.

Odina says it represents the new life they want for their children and the wanting for all of their problems to go away.p. Savannah agrees with odina.

Joviana says that their problems never went away cause the same problems reflected in their mothers.

Raenika believes it represents opportunity.

Day 2 of Fishbowl Feedback:

Jacob shared that he believes that the image of the ice cream represents the sweet but cold relationship each daughter has with their mother.

Raenikka shares the fact the in the image the ice cream is/melting she says that this relates to the film because it shows how fast something can change and how fast the realign ships through out the film changed.

Jacob says that the ice cream represents the family and the chocolate chips are the daughter. He went onto to explaining it more in depth but I can't really put it into words as he did.

Odina said the ice cream was a symbol for unfairness because in the movie the daughter had to pay half for her husbands ice cream even though she didn't eat it, this shows that even though the marriage was supposed to be "fair" it's not because the wife is actually getting the short end of the stick.

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