Monday, September 15, 2014

Taylor's Notes Part 2

5:56am- Sorry everybody..the time zone on this iPad is wrong. Since it is wrong, I will be disabling myself from telling when every activity and what so ever is happening..

7:58am- Okay, well..ummm...nevermind then, looks like the time zone is just 2hours late.

8:00am- CNN: Iceland has volcanos? I always thought Iceland was just a pile of mountains and ice! Iceland is said to have the most volcanic activity since it is a massive hotspot. This volcanic activity been going on for months, looks like more and more land will be created for Iceland then! The volcano in Iceland that is doing the most activity at the moment is Le Bardabunga Volcano. Its the largest volcanic system in Iceland. This volcanic activity is sending dense nasty smells across the perimeters of Iceland.. full of gas.

8:07am- Yet again, as always, ISIS is still having wars..same with Syria and Syrian..and now Iraq is getting more involved with this war. Afganistan have been between this for 13years. Wow, and areas in their country are still standing?!
A solar storm knocked out satalites for 12hours?! When did the sun start sending out solar flares(Geomagnetic Storms)?! This is really weird..who knew the sun could shut off the Earths electronic systems way out in space.

8:10am- Big Data sounds like a real hard thing to keep up with, they know everything..they know whats going on for everything you do on every site. Now thats what I call "Stalking".
Finally for CNN, there was these seals(who I did not really pay attention to)who was happy to go into water. All I did was hear that they was so happy to go into the water that they literally jumped into it.

8:16am- Ms. Burton is continuing with the thing her students was doing yesterday. They are now doing new groups and different things - things they did not get to get to on Friday. I wonder what they are doing..I will never know? Well, nevermind, I looked at it, it looks very confusing and hard. I don't think I like the look of that, haha. 

8:20am- Ms. Burton tells this boy (I forgot his name) to turn on the lights because she could not see in the darkness. I like it better when the lights was off.. >:(
Okay, now Ms. Burton is showing Shelby something on the iPad. I am not sure what, but I think it is something about how to get the documentary back up on the screen..

8:23am- (Overheard) Some boy is copying someone else work because he complains he did not get it from Friday. (Overhears) Zachary has nothing to do, even though he probably has work straight up in his face on his desk from Friday.

8:27am- Ms. Burton yells "ROBERT, SIT". Question is, who is this Robert guy exactly? Not trying to be mean, but I just do not know Robert, or I think I do..after that, Shelby gets up and continues to show Ms. Burton things about what? I see papers, thats all, but what about?? Okay..she turned in some papers, and she got a Green Folder in return!? I need to turn in papers so I can get a free Green Folder in return too, but later..not now, heheh..

8:32am- (Overhears) I know what some group"s assignment is now..they have to write a paragraph about a Rainbow?! LOL, now how ridicules is that? Seriously, a paragraph...about a rainbow? Really, who makes a paragraph about a rainbow?! xD Lmao..

8:36am- Guy and Ms. Burton discusses the group activity they have to least someone in the group behind me asked a question about their group activity..unlike some people..not saying names!

8:38am- Ms. Burton yells out "Someone giggling in a corner fooling around, and he needs to do this and that but instead, he decides to not comprehend and continues fooling around.."

8:40am- # I am really hungry, my head is starting to hurt..I should of brought some food to school, or at least a soda.

8:43am- Ms. Burton tries to attempt to record Guy and Jamel do their Group Assignment, but the recording comes out with a slight error, it sounds like a robot talking. It is like "buicbrvcniuncfoeuv8fblvf" I can not understand a word that recording has said, hahahah.

8:48am- (Oversees) I seen Shelby doing something with the iPad camera, probably taking pictures or etc,And also, Guy and his group is done with another of their Group Assignment. Let us hope they do not get the Rainbow Group Work next. Lmao, That would be funny. Ooh, so nevermind, they are making their own type of poster it seems now. 

8:51am- (Overhears and Oversees) Micheal finds a box of letters, he puts his hands in it and takes what he finds in their, but luckily, Ms. Burton comes along and stops him from stealing the poor letters. Good Job Ms. Burton!

8:54am- (Overhears) Another group has the Group Work about the describing the symbols now..they tried to configure with a shadow might mean.

8:58am- The Intercom calls in looking for someone that means nothing to me because I do not know that person. Also, Ms. Burton is searching the Web and going on Microsoft Word to adjust and fix things up properly.

9:02am- Someone got in trouble for messing around with some group for trying to finish their Group Work.

9:04am- Guy and his group got 3/4 of his Group Work done..he just has one left, I wonder what that last one could be about? 

9:05am- I am now done with Scribing around the class for today! Good Bye everyone!

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