Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Joy Luck Club

Sabrina G.
.Joy luck club is about 4 different mothers and daughter and their stories that explain what led them to be the way they are. The name the joy luck club comes from a game that the mothers used to play together, while playing the game they felt joy and forgot about all of their problems, and the luck part is the luck in winning the game.

The first image is important to the joy luck club because a fingerprint is used to identify someone and the movie is all about knowing who you are and remembering where you come from. Each mother tried to always remind their daughter about their Chinese heritage and the fact the no matter what it will be part of their identity.

The second image is important to the movie because it resembles the American dream that each mother had for themselves and for their daughters. Although they always remembered their lives in china and followed their ways, they raised their daughters in an American environment. 

The third image is important to the movies because it resembles the mother and the daughter and how similar they are to one another. The daughters no matter how much they tried to be different from their mothers, in one way or another, they all were the same. Something about their mothers lived in each one if them . 

The fourth image reflects back on a seen in the movie where Rose's mother felt uncomfortable in her own daughters house because Rose and her husband lived a fair life. They each payed half for everything bought in the home. She even payed half for ice cream she didn't eat. 

I think that image three was the best resent action of the movies  

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