Monday, September 15, 2014

Taylor Notes Of The Class Of A Better Tomorrow! :)

8:05am- Taylor Notes: Today we are gonna watch Cnn news. Also, we will be doing like 5 different things today..all within 5 minutes each..but in 15minutes?? More like 25minutes..Okay..So now we are talking about stuff from the end of the school year. We are gonna create 10 news facts? Cnn starts..Now! Something in Scottland is going on..I heard that Scotland is going to be rich? People are isolating sick people..then isolating the people they meet up with - this is useful in ways fir smallpox and the diseases in Africa. Ebola is fighting a terrorists they cant even see. Heroin is a VERY ADDICTIVE drug,,just take the drug once and you get addicted. Like 1/4 people who try heroin becomes addicted just that quickly..if I tried heroin, I bet I wouldn't get addicted.. I can control myself from addiction, unless its a video game. But just keep the thing away from me and I will stop liking it, ;) Anyways, heroin use is rising in Louisiana?!

8:14am- I am hungry. But back to Cnn, some family heard lions in Africa. Lions in Africa are going extinct though..Nice, the Africans created a lion movement tracker- but from what?? Hahah, some basketball player that I do not know pretended to be wax and when people came by, he jumped up at them, but in favour, they could also hang out with him.

8:22am- Notice: Ms. Burton prefers a post of the day.

8:32am- Ms. Burton is just talking about miscellaneous things that I do not know what she is talking about because it has nothing to do with me. Okay, so now I know what we are doing, we are looking at words and thinking of what the symbols mean. Guy and Ms. Burton are now reading passages. It doesnt look like anyone else is reading..ooh well, thats on them to get lost for if something important is going on. (Overheard): Rings is a symbol of marriage. (Overheard): They are reading The Lord Of the Rings? Ms. Burton is thinking of the right word to say with "Ring".

8:37am- Some girl who looks like a cheerleader comes in Ms. Burton lass for a Pass because they do not have a teacher..#I am glad I have a teacher instead of many, many substitutes. The students rotate for the second time. The first rotation I guess I missed out on.

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