Friday, September 26, 2014

Taylor Projex Spying

8:32am: Hello everyone! Taylor is back in business!
Today is Free Accessment Friday, yaaay! And also today, we are doing some random projexs! 
Some people are doing projexs about drawing, others about writing, typing, using the web, making menes, and making videos! 

8:45am: Sorry everybody, was kind of in an argument situation with someone..he wasted like over 13minutes of my time..-_- Very disappointing, but I am back now. I will try to focus now..

8:50am: Okay, now time for me to spectate. So far..I just see everyone focusing on their projexs. At least it looks like they are enjoying this. Deserae looks like she is putting something interesting for her topic on the laptop she is using. And as for the others, they are all into their laptops, like really, sticking their faces into the laptop. Lol

8:54am: Ms. Burton was talking about some kind security thingy. I think she was talking about jail! 
Also I see some people taking pictures or selfies of themselves. Funny, this projex has nothing to do with pictures about themselves, but yet, people still make pictures about themselves.

9:00am: 14 minutes left and people are still try to finish their awesome projexs up..well, at least mostly the laptop computer projex people to the very left of the room.
Can not wait to see how their memes or videos turn out. Hope it is funny..not boring enough to make me fall asleep without even knowing.

9:02am: Someone started singing and dancing to something, but she stopped dancing and was still singing. Lol xD
Also, looks like Ms. Burton wants her iPads back now, so the iPad folks are getting their projexs all finished up. As for the laptop people, one of them are done so far, the others are still trying to work quickly to get it all done.

9:05am: Some girl with a limeish green sweater started to twerk, she looked funny, but also look like she was failing at it..xD lmfao.

9:11am: The class is about to end to end in 3 minutes. Everyone looks done, can not wait to see all of this on Monday! 

9:12am: Okay, time to go now everyone! Cya next time!

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