Friday, September 12, 2014


This guy always happy like he loves his job haha yeah okay. scottland wants to sucede from the UK. People from scotttland are called scotts.scotland is a divisonof the uk. scotland has a lot of oil.if it was its own cuntry it would be one of the richest country in the world.
 how can you not see your enemy........:l but ebola has killed over 1200 people. West africa is not in good shape. is shambeles a word?That baby from africashould get paid forthat video of him dancing hahahahahahahaha. Heroin is addictive......NO DIP SHERLOCK!!
DONT over doseon heroin couldkill youha guess you do learn something everyday./haha ms burton just called durbeth a lieing dog. Why cant we be friends why cant we be friends why cant we be friends....wish i could sing like beyonce.....guess we can all have dreams. Louisiana heroin sed is rising.
Heroin chemicals flood the system and dulls pain systems. Take to many or to much and youll over work the system.....wonder what happens after that?! Msburton is talking about how teenagers are drug heads.....shame.where does pinocio live? wish i knew.....Lions are going exstinct WHAAAAAAAAA? They got some brave peopleto hhgo out and kill lions. wish hwe were on this i dont. i dont remember  9/11 so...but i stillwill remember those who gave their lives!AMEN.Msburton just said "ight; to joked in the quiet.....echooooooooo..h..why dont we use my brain.I wonder who gonna really do their work...??? haha border patrol just took aaway anothermexicano...:/ oops didnt mean to say that. b c d e f g h i g k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z once upon a time there was a scribe in a class.he was muy muy guapo.his name was blake. he was sitting around typing and getting all into his tyyping job. inthis group there is a leader by the name of lady burton. everyone isto listen to her....OR ELSE. Nobody ever did......THE END! this group of girls are writting down objects and what they represent. Baseball=life,appl=fruit, ms burton=teacher. jesus was doing memes. one group was making a newspaper....looks like the New York Times 2nd addition.Ms burton so funny. ne groupis answering 20 questions on contents of Dead Mans Pocket. JESUS IS A PRODUCER.....haha o.k. . wish i was black sometimes.......anyway movin on. 

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