Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ms B's Notes

Image 1
-Alexis: "identification you cant be change, your identification cant be change"
-: Nathaniel "Everybodys story, each fingerprint is unique and none is the same, and each persons story isunique and none ofthem are the same"
-Huy: "The finger print because there's no 2 finger prints that look exactly alike, each person have a way of thinking that is not like others', even though they are mothers and daughters. This picture related to the text's detail which is the daughter disagreeing with their mothers because the mothers make they do things that the mothers think are best for them."
-Sabrina:"i think that the finger prints represent the similarity instead ofthe differences"
-Kiana:"The fingerPrint form inside the mother so they cant escape the connection that they have with their mother."

-Image 2
-Nathaniel: the picture show the American pride that the daughter's had in the movie
-Shiloh: They expect a better life than they have in China, but their life in the U.S. is truely better but they now have different problems."
-Odina, Sav: "They looked for freedom, for a better life for the children that they will eventually have."
-Krystyn:"They are trying to escape the problem that they have in China by coming to the U.S."
-Ranika: "the flag represent freedom and hope, and opportunity that they seek for their daughters as they come to America."

-Image 3:
-Quelly: They are not facing each other, so they have conflicts with each other, but they are still conncected with each other
-Ranika: "the artist purposely highlighted the skin of the younger one for a reason, showing the clear distinction, the old person is faded into the background because her view is faded away"
-Krystyn: "they are both connect, the younger one is highlighted because it's their time"
-Kiana:"I agree with the daughter"

-Image 4
-Quelly: "They are splitting stuff, even though they are a couple"
-Jacob:"The mother is cold because the ice cream is cold"
-Miguel: "Ice cream is sweet, and so is the mother"
-Ranika:"ice cream melt, it change to something else, like the relationship in the movie"
-Huy:"The mothers are like the ice cream, which melt away eventually and does not last forever"
-Jacob:"The ice cream is the whole family,the daughter being the best, is the chocolate chips"
----Huy Truong----

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