Friday, September 12, 2014


killed at least 200,000 people any parts of africa ppl have no disease detected from the U.K its illgel in many stays more likely to die from an overdose withdrawl stymptoms last for days and include heroin in intestinal........?????
herion use is coming a lot in america they all share dangers of addiction pain sinals are dulli can also give u a rush very 19 minutes someone die from an over doseeee..........accidental prescription..............character studies eygpt .....60 years ago livingin masio....tweaked a little bit.  jeremy lynn pranks ppl rebound vivtims thats for now thank you but thtas wat sudent news is all about remember 9/11 but i stlll will but WHO GAVE THERE LIVE so thats wat its bout.AMEN LOVE U MS.BURTON UR A AWESOME TEACHER IM JOKED AT BLAKE RIGHT NOW ATSB YEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY NAME IS DEONTE CLAARK I LUV YOU TOOWE REALLY NEED LOKERS. blake crazy and rearted.hey tanya ....

   scribes are awesome im veru hungry and iwant some chinease food im really wantingcanes too. im just hungry ojk. lol.
omg. ned some moe sleep. didnt sleepkong for last night. lajae having a sweet 17th wyd people love is the most suscessful thing in the worldiraq sisi killed thousand of people they crashed almost 50 million was killed destroyed building started the fires in building heron is a drug people can die from it 19 minutes someone die from never mix things with achole

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