Thursday, September 4, 2014

women suffrage

1.The audience for womensuffrage is refering to political advisors and congressmen and its trying toconvince congressman to allow women voting rights.
2. ethos- she is someone well respected because t just anyone can go talk tocongress; logos-because other states have the right to vote so it doesnt make sence for our state to have 2 different laws against voting. 
3. Kings werent usually compared to regular people often and that was the problem, the world shouldnt be like that.
4.he says 
5. she could be refering more to logos because congress was mainly made up of men not women. it makes more sence to go after logics becuase men probably didnt care about what women thought or wanted. it buils her credibility because she backs up her reasons to support her statements.
6. she has facts and reasons to support her statements therefore builds creditability.

blake p4

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