Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Notes by Crissy

Joy Luck Club Notes  9.17.2014


Joy Luck Club is about 4 dufferent mother and daughter stories that led them to where they are and what made them what they are today; how they overcame obstacles in life and how overcoming them obstacles made them stronger women. The name of the Joy Luck Club came from a game that the mothers used to play together, and while they were playing the game they felt joy and forgot about all of the problems in their lives. The Luck part comes from how lucky they felt when they won the game.

1.The first image is important to the Joy Luck Club because its a fingerprint and fingerprints are used to identify people. The Joy Luck Club is about learning who you truly are and where it was you came from.

2. The second image is important because its the American Flag and in the Joy Luck Club, most of the women either moved to America or married an American man. 

3. I feel as if the third image would be symbolic because it appears to be a picture of a young asian girl and an older asian woman.  They are not facing each other. It could be a mom and daughter duo which is basically all Joy Luck Club is about.

4. The ice cream is about the couple in the movie that likes to split everything and how they got in an argument over ice cream.

Best Visual Representation ( Before )

* I believe that the best visual representation would probably be the ice cream because once you really think it through you realize that the picture is symbolizing exactly what happened in the movie. 

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