Monday, September 15, 2014

Blake part 2

CNN today: Iceland has volcanos..I always thought Iceland was just a pile of mountains and ice! Iceland is said to have the most volcanic activity since it is a massive hotspot. This volcanic activity been going on for months, looks like more and more land will be created for Iceland then! The volcano in Iceland that is doing the most activity at the moment is Le Bardabunga Volcano. Its the largest volcanic system in Iceland. This volcanic activity is sending dense nasty smells across the perimeters of Iceland..fulfer gasses.Yet again, as always, ISIS is still having wars..same with Syria and Syrian..and now Iraq is getting more involved with this war. Afganistan have been between this for 13years. Wow, and areas in their country are still standing?
A solar storm knocked out satalites for 12hours?! This is really weird..who knew the sun could shut off the Earths electronic systems way out in space. Big Data sounds like a real hard thing to keep up with, they know everything..they know whats going on for everything you do on every site. Now thats what I call "creeping".
lastly for CNN, there was these seals who was happy to get into the water.
Ms. Burton is continuing with the thing her students was doing Friday.They are now doing new groups and different things - things they did not get to get to on Friday. I dont care what they are doing..its not my buisness because im scribing.Well, nevermind, I looked at it, it looks very confusing and hard. I don"t thing I like the look of that, haha. 
Ms. Burton wants to turn on the lights because she could not see in the darkness.
Okay, now Ms. Burton is showing jesus something on the computer.
 I am not sure what, but I think it is something about how to do memes.Me and ms burton just started praying together because Otis is aggravating. 

otis , tyler, and desmond are copying someone else work because they complain they did not get it Friday. durbeth has nothing to do, even though he probably has work straight up in front of him on his desk.


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