Friday, September 19, 2014


Sooo Today is Free Assessment Friday, how fun.
Ms. Burton calls it controlled chaos but I'm sure you can see on her twitter feed, photo albums and video rolls that it isn't really all that controlled.
First of all even though its isn't first, Ms. Burton told Taylier to create a Smore. Smores usually consist of ya know, the regular stuff.. graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate but Ms. Burton just brought Taylier a computer. I don't even think she's too sure of what she's doing. What???
Okay Ms Burton. Okay.
So Taylier is making a ... smore.
Stacy is sitting on the desk snapping pictures of people.
Coley is recording random stuff.. because that's what he was told to do.
Sabrina is tweeting stuff about Ivory applying for the ACT-
I think Coley was trying to record me sneezing or the aftermath of the sneeze, HOW ATTRACTIVE. 
Shiloh and them are acting out something I'm not even sure of and Danny is standing there looking as lost as Waldo, ya know if we could actually see Waldo.
Stacy is taking selfies. Your selfie game is on point Stacy.
Sorry, Danny isn't lost, I asked him what he was doing and he said he was making a skit, Aren't we all Danny. 
Brittany, Donquel, and Govianna are making memes. Who doesn't like memes, they are HILARIOUS.
Delmy came to class late.
Miguel looks like he's about to go to sleep. Do something Miguel. Make something of your life.
Savannah is just doing so much for the class by listening to her music. -SARCASM-
Coley is taking a picture of Ms. Burton
I wonder what Jessicas doing, she's on the other side of Sabrina and I'm too lazy to lean over, so I guess we'll never know what Jessicas doing.
I love listening in on peoples conversations, honestly. Raynika just sounded like a dying monkey.
EWWWWWWW Taylier just sneezed all over the computer. And she bit her tongue. LOLOLOLOLOL. 
Haha Taylier, you deserve that for saying my hair looks like it was a monkey nest.
Here comes Bullet. I'm not even gonna write down anything that he says because well it's Bullet and Bullet always has some interesting stories that I don't even feel like repeating.
Ms. Burton said that Ivory is upstairs hooking up with ???  WOAH IVORY # Rude Awakening
Alright so my brain hurts because I've been eavesdropping too much and my ears have been open and my ears hurt so I'm done for the day.
Happy Friday. 
Ivory just threatened to throw a water bottle at Bullet, no surprise there.
Alright seriously I'm done this time.

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