Friday, September 12, 2014

Class Assignments

scotland an independent countrywould be oneof the richest countrys in the world due to a tenth of its oil
lybyria is at war with ebola and its killed 1200 people 

health care are using contact tracing

west africa there are people that have ebola but are not found yet

heroin is an addictive drug 

heroin symptons are body aches, vomiting, and intestinal problems

one in four people who try it become addictive 

opiates are narcotic drugs

egypt has less than 30 lions left due to extinction

6ft 3in point guard jeremy lin 

Today, in the red folder studentswill be creating their own newspaper and put your groups notes into news report stories  they will need to fill eaa=ch of tye 8 squares with a story idea. if you run out of infromation , you have the optionof submitting a editorial piece, which is a story that gives infromation of true events. your paper must have a title and a headline for each story.Headline gives a little information about story. 

In this green folder, students will be reaading each symbol and decoiding what it represents. Once you have all your answers individually, you will work as a group to complete the answer sheet. 


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